• Recovering from a drug dependency is a challenging process that generates a great deal of emotion. People experience the thrill of making progress but also the frustration of temporary setbacks. And too often those emotions are kept bottled up inside

  • There are those who are skeptical about the effectiveness of “positive affirmations.” They dismiss them as wishful thinking that doesn’t do anything to change real world challenges. However, scientific studies have shown many times that they are very

  • From maintaining a healthy diet to making the trip to the gym regularly, self-discipline is something that everyone could have more of. For those who are struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction, it’s a skill that is especially important. Whether

  •   Drug addiction and anxiety seem to go hand-in-hand. Sometimes people turn to illegal drugs for relief from anxiety and ultimately find themselves addicted to them. In other cases, people who have become addicted to drugs develop anxiety about

  • Benzodiazepine medications are some of the most frequently prescribed drugs in the U.S. Often referred to as “benzos,” there are different forms of the drug, which is commonly used to treat anxiety, sleep issues, and convulsions or seizures. Benzos a

  • Opiate addictions are powerful conditions that produce significant withdrawal symptoms. However, as we tell clients at our opiate detox in Sacramento. There are some simple and effective steps you can take to help manage the unpleasant side effects a

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