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Detox in a Private Setting in Northern California

Going through detox to break free from a drug or alcohol addiction can be an intense process. But with the privacy you’ll experience at Diamond House Detox, you can find freedom in luxurious accommodations that offer you personal space for rest and reflection. Although other detox programs may seek to provide comfortable surroundings, there’s something to be said about the private rooms and intimate settings you’ll experience with us.

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Detox can be emotionally and physically draining, so finding a space where you can confront these feelings in comfort is essential to a successful recovery. Not only do we provide a place that’s entirely your own, but we also create an intimate environment where we can address your individual concerns, goals and progress. 

Here are Some of the Features We Provide at Diamond House Detox:


A Drug and Alcohol Detox Facility With Private Rooms

Your comfort is essential during detox. Having a private space for reflection and retreat allows you to go through this extremely personal experience in peace. There are opportunities for socializing and engaging with our other guests, but when you need to get away, your luxurious private room is a place all your own. On top of this, we also provide our guests with a toiletry kit, bathrobe and other amenities that will make your experience as comfortable as possible.

One of the easiest ways to detox from drugs and alcohol is to decrease the number of stressors and triggers that cause you to use substances in the first place. Both internal and external triggers cue us to use substances in times of high stress and vulnerability. Understanding the nature of triggers and how to cope with them is best achieved in a private drug and alcohol detox environment away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Triggers are emotional, environmental or social situations that remind people in recovery of their past drug and alcohol use. These cues prompt urges that may or may not lead to relapse. When exposed to certain cues, long-term drug users suffer from strong urges to relapse. Although triggers are not a direct cause of substance abuse, they can certainly increase the likelihood of drug and alcohol use. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), 40 to 60 percent of people treated for substance use disorders experience a relapse at some point during their recovery process.

At Diamond House Detox, we’re aware of the importance of reducing everyday stressors in the recovery process. Both internal and external events cause triggers. Internal triggers such as both negative and positive feelings can deter detox efforts in a variety of ways. Emotions like overconfidence, anger, anxiety, guilt, fear or even passion, happiness and excitement can elicit sudden urges to use drugs and alcohol. On the other hand, external factors include:

  • People: Close family and peers that may or may not use drugs and alcohol pose as potential triggers. Other people that may influence cravings include friends, co-workers, employers, former drug dealers, spouses or partners and neighbors.
  • Places: Walking or driving by a location associated with previous drug use can act as a subconscious cue to consume drugs or alcohol. High-risk situations include concerts, neighborhoods, bathrooms, a friend’s home, hotels, bars and clubs, worksite, schools, downtown areas or former drug-stash locations.
  • Objects: Objects in an individual’s everyday surroundings can induce cravings, such as furniture, paraphernalia, movies, ATMs, credit cards, cash, magazines, television or empty pill bottles.
  • Events: Certain events can cue unexpected urges to use drugs and alcohol, including parties, calls from creditors, going out, anniversaries, going to or coming home from work, holidays, family gatherings, or even before, during and after sex.
  • Activities: Activities such as going out to dance or going out to eat at a restaurant, listening to music, driving, being alone, talking on the phone, going on a date, or eating lunch or dinner can act as external triggers.

Other detox facilities may be described as impersonal or sterile. That’s not what you’ll find at Diamond House Detox. From day one, we seek to provide our guests with a more intimate environment where you can form real connections with the staff serving you as well as the other guests. One way we achieve this is by having a very low client-to-counselor ratio. You will never be a nameless face in the crowd because we customize each detox program to meet the personal needs of the individual.

These intimate settings reduce stress and allow you to focus on your recovery process. It’s also the perfect way to ensure you get the one-on-one attention you need in a safe place among those who truly care about your sobriety.

At Diamond House Detox, we pay special attention to every client by designing personal care sessions tailored to the specific situation, requirements and level of addiction. Our doctors and therapists look at every client’s history on a personal level, their choice of drugs or alcohol and their body’s response to chemicals. To help our clients achieve success, we provide dual diagnosis treatments, private guidance, proper diet and nutrition practices, experimental therapies and post-recovery service.

Meals are not just about feeding your body. When done right, they nourish you spiritually, mentally and emotionally. With this in mind, we are proud to have an onsite chef serve our guests with his own brand of deeply satisfying dishes. Like the whole team at Diamond House Detox, he’s committed to your health and strives to provide meals that make you feel strong and vibrant. It’s little touches like this that help you feel more comfortable during your detox experience.

How Long Do Drug and Alcohol Detoxification Programs Last?

Diamond House Detox brings premier detoxification services to Northern California with two treatment facilities: our Elk Grove house and Sacramento house. Clients undergo extensive detoxification at Diamond House Detox’s Elk Grove house — a process that usually lasts ten days. By the time clients come to our Sacramento house, most have already undergone detoxification. Most guests stay in our private drug and alcohol detox facilities anywhere from one to four weeks, but the length of time is flexible.

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For people struggling with substance abuse, you won’t find a more intimate and private environment in which to detox than Diamond House Detox located in Northern California. We’re committed to your sobriety, but also to providing a comfortable place where you can go through this process with the professional help you need. Detox has many ups and downs, but it’s the caring details we provide that will make it easier to bear. Contact us today to find out more.

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