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When someone struggles with addiction, one of the most empowering messages they can hear is, “You’re not alone.” People around the world have found comfort and recovery by meeting with others recovering from substance abuse. Together, they can get stronger and inspire one another to stay clean. This idea is the one that drives LifeRing — a support group that encourages you to find healing through your inner strength and the companionship of others.

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LifeRing Secular Recovery offers hope to people around the world recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Founded in 1999, LifeRing was designed for people who want to join an addiction support group but feel uncomfortable with the spiritual undertones of traditional 12-step programs.

Most meetings begin with the question, “How was your week?” Based on the response, each session can take a different direction as people explore their challenges and come up with a game plan for handling the daily obstacles they face.

Each LifeRing group is based on the “3-S” recovery philosophy, which is made up of three main principles:

  • Sobriety: Members of LifeRing commit to complete abstinence from both drugs and alcohol.
  • Secularity: LifeRing was founded to accommodate people of all religions — including those with no religious beliefs. Unlike groups such as AA — which discusses spirituality and sobriety through a higher power — LifeRing members are encouraged to refrain from bringing up religion in meetings.
  • Self-help: Rather than depending on a higher being, the group focuses on staying sober through one’s own efforts. Self-help means you alone are responsible for your attempts, learning and motivation in recovery. LifeRing will encourage you to develop your ideal plan of continual self-improvement.

LifeRing believes an internal conflict exists between a person’s “addict self” — known in LifeRing as the “A” — and their “sober self” — the “S.” The conflict between these two selves can become overwhelming, and the person becomes addicted to a substance when the “A” overpowers the “S.” If one person’s “A” connects with someone else’s addictive tendencies, the cycle is bound to continue. But if one person’s “S” connects with another — such as one person saying, “I’m tired of getting drunk. Do you feel the same way?” — mutual healing can occur.

This theory is the basis of LifeRing meetings. Connecting people’s sober selves through a dedicated community allows its members to grow and become stronger. As members continue to meet, their “S” overtakes the “A,” leading to sobriety. In this way, LifeRing aids in substance abuse recovery by bringing people together who want to encourage each other to stay sober.

LifeRing was founded to benefit people from every walk of life who are recovering from addiction. Anyone who is committed to abstaining from drugs and alcohol is invited to attend, including individuals of all nationalities, religions, genders and ages.

The program especially benefits people who have struggled with AA’s traditional 12-step plan and its belief in a higher power. LifeRing meetings will encourage you with the idea that you have the ability within yourself to control your success.

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If you live in northern California and are searching for freedom from your drug or alcohol addiction, turn to the compassionate team at Diamond House Detox. We believe healing involves surrounding yourself with others who share your commitment to sobriety, which is why we offer a variety of support groups like LifeRing to both our current clients and our alumni. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about staying at our detox facility and attending our Sacramento LifeRing meetings.

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