Outpatient Detox

Detoxification is one of the first and most essential parts of the recovery process. Professional detox allows your body to safely and effectively remove drugs from your system. If you’ve decided to detox and start taking your life back, the next step is determining if residential rehabilitation is a good fit — or even an option — for you. Your job, family or obligations may make it unrealistic for you to take extended time off to recover.

Diamond House Detox understands. That’s why we’re introducing a medically-assisted outpatient detox program. Instead of detoxing in one of our treatment centers in Sacramento or Elk Grove, California, you’ll be able to do so from the comfort of your own home. You’ll set up check-ins with one of our nurses, who can evaluate your progress as you move throughout the detox process.

What Is an Outpatient Detoxification Program?

Recovery programs are essential to treating the disease of addiction — but you don’t have to leave home to detox. Our outpatient treatment programs, including at-home detox options, let clients live in the comfort of familiar surroundings while participating in the recovery process.

Outpatient detox means your life can continue as usual outside the treatment process. While your body rids itself of addictive substances, you may experience withdrawal symptoms. Our detoxification interventions monitor these while at the same time offering ongoing support and minimizing physical harm. This may include medication to help your body adjust to life without substance misuse.

Who Should Use Outpatient Detox?

Outpatient detox can be an excellent option for some people, but others need the structure of inpatient residential treatment. If independence is an integral part of your life, you may do well with outpatient treatment. Good candidates for at-home detox treatment should:

  • Be able to maintain sobriety on their own for a couple of days at a time. If you think you can make it between outpatient appointments about every other day, you can save yourself some time and money over residential supervised treatment.
  • Have a strong support network at home to help you avoid temptation. Even though you’re at home, you must detox in a sober environment around sober people.
  • Require flexibility to complete external tasks like caring for children or going to work. Managing a schedule can be too much for some people trying to recover. If that’s your case, you may benefit from the more disciplined routine of inpatient care.
  • Have possibly spent previous time in drug and alcohol treatment. Once you’ve learned some basic coping skills to help you during moments of temptation, you’re less likely to relapse, making you a better candidate for outpatient treatment.
  • Overall healthy and without chronic health conditions. Co-occurring mental or physical health issues can make managing withdrawal symptoms at home more difficult.
  • Can independently get medical clearance or labs done prior to the appointment. Outpatient detox requires more independence than our medically assisted detox program.
  • Have a responsible party come with you to manage medications during the detox process. Residential care offers a built-in support system. It’s crucial that you have friends or family surrounding you during the at-home detox process.

Benefits of Outpatient Detox

Our approach to in-home outpatient treatment is similar to our residential treatment services. Both provide structure, support and advanced recovery solutions. The main difference is the amount of time spent with our addiction professionals and where you lay your head each night.

Although you’ll be going through in-home detox without constant supervision, our board-certified addiction doctors will prescribe you medication to keep you more comfortable. Detoxing from drugs and alcohol can be a tumultuous time, and you’ll want to try to maintain a positive, healthful environment until you’re feeling better.

Medically assisted detox is important for those who struggle with a higher level of dependence. However, outpatient detox offers distinct benefits, including:

  • Familiar surroundings.
  • Flexibility.
  • Lower cost.
  • Ability to maintain home and work responsibilities.

Does Outpatient Detox Work?

Yes! At Diamond House Detox, we focus on science-based rehabilitative options, including medications and therapies for addiction and co-occurring disorders. When you have the motivation to get better, they can enable you to enter recovery and stay there.

Learn More About Our Detox Treatment Options

Whether you choose outpatient care or a residential treatment option, our goal is to help you on your journey toward health and recovery. If you want to learn more about detox and our other recovery programs, our representatives are available 24/7. We can walk you through payment options, including assistance and health insurance coverage. 

 Contact us today to learn more about how our outpatient treatment can help you. 

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