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Refuge Recovery

Refuge Recovery Meetings

If you’re looking for lasting freedom from a drug or alcohol addiction, finding recovery options that work best for your individual needs is essential. Maybe you’ve tried a 12-step treatment plan in the past, but you’d prefer a more non-traditional approach. If so, the team at Diamond House Detox is here to offer individualized treatment options — including regular Refuge Recovery meetings — at our northern California detox facility.

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Refuge Recovery is a peer-led support group founded by Buddhist teacher Noah Levine. Members practice Buddhist principles to free themselves from the suffering their drug or alcohol addiction causes them. They believe that by systematically following traditional Buddhist teachings and meeting regularly to share their progress, anyone has the power to free themselves from their addiction.

The group bases its teachings on the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths, which they apply specifically to addiction recovery:

  • Suffering: Just as the Buddha taught that life involves suffering, Refuge Recovery believes addiction creates suffering in our lives.
  • The cause: The cause of suffering is cravings, which is especially apt in the concept of addiction.
  • The end: The end of suffering is possible — we can recover with an awakened mind.
  • The path: We can find the road toward recovery and freedom by growing our minds, living ethically and practicing regular meditation.

Refuge Recovery meetings operate similarly to traditional 12-step meetings in that members discuss chosen topics in a group discussion format. However, unlike many other types of meetings, Refuge Recovery also incorporates mindfulness and meditation practices into every session. Most meetings start with a 20-minute meditation session.

The group bases the recovery process around the Buddhist Eightfold Path. Unlike 12-step programs, these principles are not linear and don’t have to be completed in any given order. Rather, you can develop all eight aspects throughout your lifetime with your inner strength and the support of other members, including the following:

  1. Understand that recovery starts with abstaining from all substances, working toward forgiveness and acknowledging that you need help.
  2. Intentionally move toward a non-harming lifestyle.
  3. Find refuge in the Refuge Recovery community.
  4. Abstain from substance use and any behavior that could cause suffering.
  5. Give back to others when possible.
  6. Commit to daily meditation, yoga, kindness and forgiveness practices.
  7. Practice intentional mindfulness every day.
  8. Focus the mind through meditation.

Refuge Recovery proudly welcomes anyone hoping to break free from their drug or alcohol addiction. The group encourages people of all identities, backgrounds, socioeconomic classes, religions, nationalities, ages, genders and abilities to their community.

Because the program is notably different from groups like AA and NA, it’s especially suited for people who struggle with traditional 12-step programs. Refuge Recovery teaches healing based on non-theistic inner strength found through practices like meditation rather than through the concept of a higher power.

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If you’re looking for addiction recovery treatment options in northern California, support from Refuge Recovery meetings could be one of the tools that aid in your long-term healing. At Diamond House Detox, we offer a wide variety of services dedicated to healing our clients’ bodies and minds from addiction, including Refuge Recovery meetings held at our Sacramento facility.

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