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Incidental Medical Services

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At Diamond House Detox, we strive to do everything we can to help our clients remain safe and comfortable as they focus on their recovery. We’re proud to now offer incidental medical services — which help us further meet this goal — in our rehab facility.

Incidental medical services (IMS) offer the utmost convenience for our guests by allowing us to employ experienced medical providers in-house. These medical professionals can provide real-time medication adjustment, medically assisted detox, medication assisted treatment (MAT) such as Vivitrol and on-site injections.

While IMS does not provide primary medical care, it enables us to offer a broad range of supplemental services, including the ability to do the following.

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Obtain Clients’ Medical Histories

Complete and timely assessment is a necessary step in providing individualized treatment. Now, we can obtain health care questionnaires in person as we walk you through the admissions process. A physician or nurse practitioner will then review and sign each form to ensure its accuracy. By understanding your specific medical history in this way, we can offer more personalized and effective care solutions.

Provide Recovery or Treatment Services

IMS allows us to offer treatment and recovery services for both drug and alcohol addictions. After you receive your medical evaluation, our professionals can recommend pharmaceutical interventions as necessary for substance abuse and other mental health conditions. These experts are fully knowledgeable in addiction medicine and will be happy to work with you to find your ideal course of treatment.

As fully licensed medical practitioners, our staff can offer medically assisted detox services that other rehab facilities cannot. Further, while many facilities require clients to leave the facility to receive medically necessary injections, we can perform these injections on-site for your convenience.

Treat Substance Abuse Disorders

The detoxification process involves an immense amount of coordination and planning between health care professionals. Our on-site staff will gladly work with your current physicians and outside care providers to determine the best treatment plan for your needs and identify any conditions that might impact your treatment’s success. Then, as we continue to assess your response to your medications, we can make adjustments in real time.

Monitor Health Status

Safety is the top priority of our incidental medical services. We monitor each client admitted to our facility by physically checking on each client frequently throughout the duration of their treatment. If you begin to experience any alarming symptoms of withdrawal or medical problems, we’ll be by your side to monitor your vitals and determine whether you should be transitioned to a higher level of care for treatment.

Oversee Self-Administered Medication Use

If you’re currently taking prescription or over-the-counter medication, you retain the right to use these medicines at our facility as long as they don’t conflict with your detox. We’ll oversee your self-administered medication use and, if necessary, help you find alternatives that don’t have a high potential to be abused.

Administer Detoxification-Related Tests

Our medical team provides a wide variety of testing services related to your detoxification, which can include breathalyzer tests to check blood alcohol levels, urine-based drug tests and various laboratory analyses.

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If you’re looking for a home-like detoxification experience with staff members who treat you like family, don’t wait. Diamond House Detox is here to offer caring support and exceptional convenience with our rehab clinic’s incidental medical services. Contact us online or call (888) 205-9455 to begin your recovery from drugs or alcohol at our northern California facility.

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