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From struggling with cocaine and alcohol to prospering in his treatment plan at Diamond House, learn more about Andy’s story of recovery today.


Jasmine’s struggle with alcohol and the reprieve that Diamond House offered to give her the space and time to better herself.

Joe spent so much time in isolation. His only companion was alcohol, or as he calls it, his “ball and chain.” Learn more about how Joe surrendered himself and got help from Diamond House.

After a series of deaths of the loved ones around her, Sheila fell into an alcohol addiction. At her lowest point, Diamond House was there to help. Learn more about Sheila’s story and her journey to recovery at our alcohol detox center in Sacramento, CA.

Toni’s struggles with alcohol abuse and her journey towards recovery with Diamond House, an alcohol rehab program in Sacramento, CA.

Our Testimonials

Diamond House Detox
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austin woodyardaustin woodyard
20:09 13 Sep 23
Diamond house is one of the best rehabilitation for addiction. The staff and the program is on point. I would recommend to anyone suffering out there your not alone. There is help
10:25 05 Sep 23
Staff Groped me in an extremely inappropriately manner during a “random search”, when I tried to file a complaint or call them they immediately hang up the phone on me, I was completely violated by a grown man, behind closed doors in the bathroom, absolutely disgusting and unacceptable behavior, they also will not provide me with the name of the man who which makes this place even sketchier, I will be filing and pressing charges against this facility, my attorney is already in the process of trying to get all the information, I was a real a patient here. My name is Tyler Martin, please take this review into consideration before going here unless you want to come back after possibly being violated from this weirdo when he knows we’re vulnerable addicts. Diamond house Detox looks nice from the outside but they really are just a dirty facility trying to milk insurance companies. Please do not waste your money on this terrible program either! There are way better options for cheaper and are better overall.
Lare GarciaLare Garcia
21:02 25 Apr 23
I would like to express my gratitude to Diamond House, to it’s administrative, medical and counseling staff for the wonderful in-house rehabilitation treatment I received while there. I was treated with compassion, respect and their program was without a doubt excellent in helping me to embrace recovery. Their daily class segments were not only educational but easily conveyed and all my questions were answered with clarity and a sense of caring. Their medical and therapy treatment is 1st class and I never felt that I wasn’t important and the overall feeling was one of sincerity in helping to recover the person I wanted to be. I came to Diamond House extremely distressed and alienated and I left with the knowledge that I had become a better version of myself and with tools I will use going forward to enhance my life. I look forward to attending their out-patient programs. I want to thank you Diamond House for helping me to find myself, I feel incredibly fortunate that I was able to have this experience in my life.Sincerely, Lare Frank Garcia
Michael BixbyMichael Bixby
22:51 10 Mar 23
This treatment center is the best. All the staff members I have met are kind caring people who understand the sensitive circumstances that the patients are in when they come into Diamond House. Their after care services are the best. They stick with you for the long-haul. Their PHP and IOP programs are top of the line. I highly recommend this place if you are looking for a treatment center that is different from the norm.
Annitra VasquezAnnitra Vasquez
15:21 02 Feb 23
It wasn’t a horrible experience. Yet the food was and it’s been trouble getting my money back that is owed to ; it’s been a month . Vicky the owner seems like a scoundrel and needs a little counseling herself!!
Lauren MoralesLauren Morales
21:14 09 Jan 23
Diamond House is the best residential rehabilitation program around. Everything they do is top notch, the accommodations are wonderful, the groups are helpful, and the staff is amazing. Thank you Diamond House for helping me with my alcoholism. God bless, Lauren Morales.
Jodi ShipleyJodi Shipley
20:25 21 Aug 22
The staff is amazing!!! I’ve searched so many detox facilities all over the U.S. and did not feel comfortable just reading about the process. Then I came across Diamond House and I felt a calmness just reading about their facility and the recovery process they offer. I am so grateful I was able to come here and be a part of Diamond House In Elk Grove, CA….. Thank you so very much to the staff. You are an amazing team! I will forever be grateful!!! God Bless You All….

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For people struggling with substance abuse, you won’t find a more intimate and private environment in which to detox than Diamond House Detox located in Northern California. We’re committed to your sobriety, but also to providing a comfortable place where you can go through this process with the professional help you need. Detox has many ups and downs, but it’s the caring details we provide that will make it easier to bear. Contact us today to find out more.

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