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Sober Living in Sacramento

what to expect in a sober living home

For those who have completed inpatient treatment at Diamond House Detox and are looking for the next step in maintaining recovery and achieving wellness, our sober living housing option provides the safe and comfortable environment you need. It is designed to help individuals transition smoothly back to everyday life after rehab.

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The Benefits of Sober Living Facilities

After completing an inpatient program, individuals can greatly benefit from living in a recovery-focused environment. A sober living facility provides: 

  • A safe and supportive sober community: Sober living offers the comfortable and encouraging atmosphere needed to maintain recovery. Individuals can experience independence while still receiving compassionate support. They can foster healthy relationships by joining this community that shares the goal of achieving long-term freedom and wellness. A built-in recovery community while staying in transitional housing is crucial to helping you and others continue the path of recovery. You can support and celebrate each other and their journeys.
  • Opportunities to develop life-long habits: Thanks to the structure of sober living, individuals can create healthy habits that will benefit them throughout the rest of their lives. People who are able to stay sober six months after going through rehab are much more likely to experience long-term sobriety. Sober living enables individuals to rebuild their lives and reclaim life skills.
  • Individualized treatment: Through personalized care, individuals can build a strong foundation in sober living to help them in their unique situations as they transition from rehab to daily life. They can experience optimism and achieve a new vision for their future.

Experiencing transitional living and staying at our sober living homes helps clients practice the skills they built while at our treatment center. Individuals will maintain the structure they got used to while visiting the drug and alcohol treatment center.

Call our team at (800) 205-6107 or contact us online to learn more about sober living.

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Our Testimonials

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Everyone is awesome!! 5 Stars! I had a blessed time staying here for my 37-day detox and residential. Thank you so much to the whole staff and chef Bobby and Raven for always cooking the best meals. I’m going to miss Diamond House Sacramento. A+

-Julie H.

While I was at Diamond House, it was the most humble place to detox. The food was delicious, prepared fresh every day, the atmosphere was good also. The cherry on top was all of the staff, everyone was so friendly and kind, it made my experience a very nice one.


Diamond Huse is an amazing facility with caring staff that always do their best to meet your needs and make your detox safe and peaceful. The chef is wonderful and makes delicious healthy meals and will meet your needs in every way. I couldn’t thank Diamond more for making my detox safe and comfortable. I would recommend Diamond to anyone that needs help detoxing and wants to stay sober. They have counseling and meetings regularly and care for you. Thank you Diamond staff and the chef for everything!!!


If I could give more than 5 stars I would. I have been to 2 other programs for my problem with addiction and this place by far is the best program I have been to. The staff is understanding, patient and caring. If you or your loved one has a problem with addiction and seeking help, I assure you that you will not find a better place than Diamond House. The houses are not only very clean, but they also are beautiful and the food is GREAT! I could go on and on about how great this place is. The owner truly cares about the residents and their long term recovery.

I’ve battled with my addictions for over 10 years and they customized a recovery plan specifically for my needs. They provided one on one counseling sessions for me and the houses have every amenity you can think of (including swimming pools and Wii’s). They conduct several groups throughout the day that are not only 12 step related. Those may work for some but for me, I feel like the groups I attended at Diamond House provided me the tools for long term sobriety. Everyone’s path to long term sobriety is different and I feel that once I leave here my chances of staying sober are greater than the last programs I went to.

I can’t thank the owner and the staff enough for all they have done for me. I personally feel like they saved my life and I am forever grateful for this place!


I love Diamond House. I love all of the caring staff. They truly show concern and love to each patient. Everything is well organized and seems to flow easily Day to Day.

Not only is the staff amazing the house is beautiful and the rooms are comfortable. You get your own room so you can have all of the privacy you need. You can wash your clothes and shower when you want. The chef and food are also wonderful. You will want for nothing other than to focus on yourself. They have reading sessions and counseling. But nothing is forced. It’s just the time you need to get yourself to a clearer state of mind. I’m so grateful for Diamond House.

-Stephanie M.

Our Sober Living Homes in California

Diamond House Detox is dedicated to helping individuals attain the freedom and wellness they desire. Through our affordable sober living housing in Sacramento, clients will have a safe space to develop the resilience and strength they need in their daily lives.

Once clients finish their inpatient program, they can transition to our sober living homes. Clients can still expect the same level of comfort, safety and support they experienced in our inpatient programs. 

We offer private and shared rooms at our Sacramento sober living home. There will also be comfortable spaces for group interactions, helping clients create meaningful connections with those who share their goals.

Every sober living home has specific rules in place to ensure every resident receives the same chance of a smooth recovery. For individuals transitioning from addiction treatment, whether due to a substance use disorder (SUD) or alcohol use disorder (AUD), we make sure every sober living house is free of substances. Not allowing substances on campus and in the homes helps clients maintain their composure and not fall back into their past habits.

We deeply care for our clients, wanting the best for them at all stages of recovery. Our housing programs are strict because everyone deserves a safe space they can go to while relearning how to integrate back into a normal lifestyle. While staying at our sober living homes, you’ll attend group meetings, do chores, pay rent and engage in other typical living activities. 

Besides abstaining from substances like drugs and alcohol, respecting your housemates and Diamond House staff is the most important rule you must follow while in transitional housing. Other clients are also trying to remain sober, so you must respect and support their journeys without causing relapses. Similarly, respecting staff is also crucial. They are there to help you with your sobriety and ensure you get the support you need to continue down a successful recovery path.

Meet Our Team

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Vicky Magobet, PMHNP-BC

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner


Steve Sugden, MD, MPH

Medical Director

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Sofia Bock, RADT

Office Manager

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Liza Lal, APCC

Clinical Therapist

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Tito Magobet, COO

Director of Marketing

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Erica Olivas

Drug and Alcohol Counselor

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Emy Sanchez


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Amanda Licon

Drug and Alcohol Counselor

sarena singh

Sarena Singh, APCC

Clinical Therapist

fenelyn canero

Fenelyn Canero, LVN


clare brown

Clare Brown

Director of Business Development & Marketing

karen fucanan

Karen Fucanan, LVN


jovante shaw

Jovante Shaw, LVN


william tiemeyer iv

William Tiemeyer, CADC

Case Manager/Drug & Alcohol Counselor

maria arriaga-baca

Maria Arriaga Baca, RADT

Drug & Alcohol Counselor

Sober Living at Diamond House Detox

Diamond House Detox creates intimate spaces where people from all backgrounds can feel welcomed, loved and accepted. All of our facilities strive to create a safe, home-like environment where individuals feel empowered to make long-lasting changes to improve their lives. 

Through structure and compassionate guidance, we enable people to live fuller and more meaningful lives. We use evidence-based treatments and individualized care to help each client experience healing and prepare for a life of freedom and wellness.

With our sober living housing, individuals will experience safety, support and the dignity of independent living to become the people they aspire to be. Experience sober transitional living in Sacramento, California, when you come to Diamond House. We’ll make sure you continue receiving top-notch support and assistance as you celebrate recovery and strengthen your resolve to maintain sobriety.

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When you are ready to take the next step in creating long-lasting recovery and wellness, we will be there to support you and provide you with the tools and resources you need. To learn more about our sober living housing, call us at 800-205-6107 or contact us online today.

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