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Inpatient & Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Detox Serving Chico

Private Drug & Alcohol Detox Serving Chico

We happily service patients coming from the City of Chico, California seeking detox services. Our program specializes in the application of medications, not only for detoxification purposes, but also to address symptoms related to co-occurring disorders.

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Many stand-alone detox facilities require that patients come with detox medications prescribed by their outside provider. The issue with this way of providing detox is that the medications are not tailored to the unique individual or their symptoms. Detox is NOT a one size fits all approach.

At Diamond House we believe that no two individuals share the exact same symptoms. This approach allows us to work with each individual by customizing their medications to their needs. We have the flexibility to work with you at your comfort level, and because we have a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner onsite, we also will be addressing underlying issues such as treatment of anxiety, depression, PTSD and mood disorders. Medications are not included in the cost of treatment.

We offer the following:

Why choose Diamond House Detox?

How It Works

Working through drug and alcohol addiction is a challenge, but having a support system to guide you through it can help. The medical professionals at Diamond House Detox are ready to be there through it all. We take our clients from detox through treatment so they’re ready to go back into the world with skills and coping strategies that will help prevent relapse. 

Depending on your situation, you may not go through every one of these steps with us, but each one is vital in starting your path to recovery and building a foundation you can stand on.

Medically Assisted Detox

The longer you’ve been using a substance, the more challenging detox can be, both physically and emotionally. People need medical assistance to get through this process safely, and the personnel here will make sure you get the knowledgeable help and medications you need.

Giving you medication to get through withdrawal may seem counterintuitive, but the medications we prescribe are known to ease the effects of withdrawal and prevent the body from going into shock and presenting other unpleasant symptoms. As we administer them, our compassionate staff will remain with you for as long as it takes to get through the worst of your detox. 

Psychological Evaluation

During or after your detox, you’ll meet with one of our Psychiatrists or Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners to go over your history. These professionals want to understand how you got where you are so they can determine where you go from here. They may also diagnose other traumas or co-occurring mental illnesses like depression, anxiety or schizophrenia — conditions all known to go hand in hand with substance use.

Inpatient and Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Chico, CA

Detox is just the start of your recovery. Many people who return to their lives right after detox are at a high risk of relapsing. That’s because, though they took the first step in recovery, substance misuse is often a result of underlying conditions and traumas that they still need to work through. Our rehabilitation programs are designed to address these issues and help our clients work through them in a calm and supportive environment.

We offer three programs for our clients with different levels of time commitments so anyone can fit treatment around their schedule. During your evaluation, together, we’ll determine whether you’re best suited for our:

  • Inpatient program: With inpatient treatment, you’ll be monitored 24/7 and have access to our full list of amenities, including private rooms and chef-made meals.

  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP): Our holistic outpatient rehab in Chico lets you come to Diamond House during the day for treatment and return home in the evenings.

  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP): IOP requires minimal time commitments, with treatment lasting just a few hours every week. You’ll come to us for treatment for a couple of hours every day and spend the rest of your time as you please.

Find Detox, Inpatient or Outpatient Rehab in Chico Today

Finding the road to recovery is much easier when you have a map of how to get there. Let Diamond House Detox show you the path and help you stay on it through comprehensive, compassionate treatment at our Chico treatment center. Connect with us today and tell us about what you’re going through. We promise to listen and do everything we can to help you recover. If you’re ready to take the next steps, complete an insurance verification form.