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Drug and Alcohol Detox Serving Sacramento

Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab Sacramento

Addiction to drugs or alcohol can happen to anyone, no matter their background. Detox is an important first step to break this cycle of dependency, but it should never be attempted alone. If you have a substance use issue, then detoxification under the supervision of a medically qualified team is essential. For a comfortable and private detox environment in Sacramento, you won’t find a residential treatment center in Sacramento better than Diamond House Detox.

We proudly serve patients in need of detox in Sacramento and throughout Northern California. Our facility is located in a suburb close to downtown, and it provides a luxurious environment where you can focus on your recovery. In addition to our location on Fleming Avenue in Sacramento, we have a location in the quiet community of Elk Grove.

As the capital of California, Sacramento and the surrounding suburban area is home to a population of nearly two million people. Diamond House Detox provides individualized care that is customized depending on your specific needs. We offer 24/7 care to our guests which is essential to your safety during the detoxification process. Our qualified team includes drug and alcohol counselors, nurses and licensed medical staff.

To learn more about our treatment options and get started on the road to recovery, we invite you to call (800) 205-6107 or contact us online.

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What You Can Expect at Diamond House Detox

At Diamond House Detox, we provide high-quality, personalized treatment to address your individual recovery needs. When you arrive, we welcome you into an environment of care that mirrors the warmth and ease of your own home. We’ll also give you a private room where you can have the solitude you need to focus on your recovery. Our initial intake procedure, including a psychiatric evaluation, helps us determine the best approach for your unique addiction treatment.

Our overall goal is to address your substance abuse and any underlying mental health, psychological or emotional concerns. During your alcohol or drug addiction treatment program, we may use a combination of different evidence-based treatment options to tailor our services to your exact needs. This could include:

  • Detoxification and stabilization: When you arrive, we’ll help you through the drug detox process. Our highly qualified medical team will support you and continually monitor your withdrawal symptoms to ensure this process is as safe and comfortable as possible.
  • Medication-assisted detoxThere are a variety of reasons we may recommend the use of medication to assist with the detoxification process. Severe symptoms can make withdrawal painful or even dangerous. Medication can help mitigate withdrawal side effects so that you can safely and comfortably detox from drugs or alcohol.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment: Many people use drugs or alcohol to mask underlying mental health conditions. Dual diagnosis treatment addresses addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders, such as anxiety, depression or PTSD.
  • Therapy, counseling and educational services: Along with detox treatment, we also provide several therapy options that address the underlying causes of addiction and provide healthy coping mechanisms to help you deal with cravings and triggers without relapsing.

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What Makes Diamond House Detox Sacramento’s Top Private Detox Clinic

At Diamond House Detox, we strongly believe in the power of individualized treatment. No two patients are the same. Everyone requires personal attention and you won’t find that at every addiction treatment center. We proudly offer a low client-to-counselor ratio and serve no more than six guests at any given time at our Sacramento detox facilities. This means each client receives high-quality, individualized treatment, ensuring they are positioned for success in their drug or alcohol recovery.

We have heard time and time again that our clients value this personalized one-on-one treatment. We amplify the effectiveness of our patient care by providing a safe, private and intimate setting. This has become a big part of what makes us unique from other private Sacramento drug rehab clinics and larger hospital-like settings.

We welcome you to take a virtual tour of our Sacramento detox facility here. We know you’ll love the luxurious surroundings that provide guests with a comfortable and home-like environment to recover.

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Our Sacramento Rehab Clinic Amenities

Although detox clinics don’t require the comforts of home, we believe it’s these extra touches that assist in the recovery process. When guests are made as comfortable as possible, they can focus more fully on their own health and healing. That’s why we go the extra mile to include amenities you won’t find anywhere else. From the dining experience to the intimacy of the environment, everything is designed to help you feel more comfortable during the detox process.

At our Sacramento detox facility, we offer the following amenities:

  • Luxurious Private RoomsPrivate rooms allow our clients to find a quiet space away from other guests where they can relax in comfort.
  • Personal Onsite ChefOur chef creates deeply satisfying dishes with style and soul.
  • The Dining ExperienceAll meals are prepared not just to satisfy your taste buds, but with your health and well-being in mind.
  • Small Intimate SettingOur small client/staff ratios allow you to achieve your recovery in a stress-free environment and form connections with other guests.
  • Psychiatric Evaluation & TreatmentWhen you enter our facility, you will be given a psychiatric evaluation if needed to determine if there is an underlying mental health disorder.
  • Group/Individual/Trauma TherapyTherapy sessions with a licensed professional are offered to help identify areas to focus on during the recovery process.
  • Chronic Pain ManagementMany patients develop addictions to opioids as a result of chronic pain. During the detox process, we help find alternatives for your pain issues.
  • Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)Depending on your situation, we may recommend medication to help you manage withdrawal symptoms or symptoms associated with a co-occurring disorder.

Types of Addictions Addressed at Diamond House Detox

At Diamond House Detox, our personalized treatment programs allow us to address a range of different substance use issues. During the detoxification process, we help our guests develop a plan that meets their individual goals. We also provide a variety of services based on each person’s needs, which include individual and group therapy sessions, medication-assisted treatments in Sacramento as well as 24-hour-a-day monitoring. This ensures your safety during the detoxification to help you manage withdrawal symptoms as comfortably as possible.

We are a full-service medical detox facility, offering the following programs to our patients which can be coupled with dual diagnosis addiction treatment if needed:


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Recovery for your mind and body after addiction is possible, and Diamond House Detox can help. Our private drug and alcohol detox facility in Sacramento is an intimate and homey environment where you can receive individualized outpatient, partial hospitalization and inpatient services that address both drug and alcohol addiction. Through life-saving detoxification, therapy and a variety of tailored treatment approaches, you’ll find the help you need to break free from a life of addiction.

Don’t wait. To talk to a detox specialist about our Sacramento rehabilitation programs now and start down the right path to a life of recovery, you can contact us online or call us anytime at 800-205-6107.

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