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Outpatient Treatment Program


The road to recovery from a drug or alcohol addiction can present many expected and unexpected challenges. You may not be able to pursue residential treatment due to work, family or other circumstances. Or, you may have recently undergone residential treatment and wish to continue receiving professional support. Outpatient addiction therapy services can be the final step in the treatment process or support clients beginning their recovery journey.

As part of our commitment to our clients, Diamond House Detox offers outpatient services in Sacramento, CA with the same level of insight and commitment we afford our residential treatment services. Our outpatient care approach is client-focused to provide individualized care to help build and maintain a successful and sober lifestyle.

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At Diamond House Detox, our goal is to help you start and stay on your road to recovery. Our representatives are available around the clock for your convenience. 

Our intensive outpatient treatment centers in Sacramento and Elk Grove, California, offer life-saving care to people who need help recovering from addiction and chemical dependency but cannot join a residential program. Our outpatient addiction programs include the same essential elements that have helped many find the road to recovery, including withdrawal management, peer support and relapse prevention. The major difference is the time spent in treatment and the option to return home each night.

If you or a loved one would like to learn more about our Sacramento outpatient addiction treatment services, please fill out our contact form so our counselors and therapists can create a personalized program to fit your needs. Let us help you achieve a healthy and sober life.

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Our Different Outpatient Treatment Programs

All clients who partake in our Sacramento outpatient addiction treatment program undergo a psychological evaluation. This initial evaluation helps our therapists and counselors create an individualized dual-diagnosis treatment for addiction and underlying mental illnesses. After completing this evaluation, the client can participate in one or more of our individualized outpatient treatment programs.

Partial Hospitalization

Our partial hospitalization outpatient program provides intensive treatment without overnight stays. With this option, clients undergo medical monitoring and many of the services and benefits of residential treatment, with the ability to return home every night. Programming occurs Monday through Friday for one to two weeks. 

While undergoing partial hospitalization, clients may receive individualized treatments such as behavioral therapy, addiction support groups and a fitness and nutrition program. This outpatient option benefits clients who require a higher level of care or are at risk of relapse.

Intensive Outpatient Programs in Sacramento 

Intensive outpatient programming provides support for clients while maintaining their independence. This option is an excellent way to bring structure and consistent care to a person’s life after the chaos of addiction. Clients receive many of the same benefits of residential care, including coping strategies, support structures and relapse prevention, while seamlessly adapting back to their families and communities.

Clients who choose our intensive outpatient program will participate in three-hour therapy sessions three to four days a week. Our outpatient services are offered during the day as well as in the evening. Clients will receive one-on-one therapy sessions with a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, a Master’s level therapist and a Substance use counselor.

Outpatient Detox

Withdrawal management is an essential aspect of a successful recovery experience. Our outpatient detoxification program offers clients safety and support while undergoing substance withdrawal. Oversight and medical care are provided, and clients can live at home. 

Clients who participate in outpatient detox will come to Diamond Detox during the day and return to their homes at night. This treatment option is ideal for clients who have started the recovery process or can manage a detox independently but require additional support. We do not recommend this treatment for clients who are elderly, those with a history of seizures, complex medical issues or those requiring more intensive care, such as clients needing benzodiazepine or methadone detoxification.

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    Benefits of Outpatient Addiction Therapy Services

    There are many benefits to choosing outpatient rehab services in addition to starting your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

    Flexible Recovery Option 

    One significant reason clients partake in outpatient programming is the ability to tailor their treatment to fit their schedule. Unlike inpatient services, where the client is at our center for 24 hours, you will be able to control when and how often you visit our office and the therapists and counselors you see during treatment. This flexibility gives you control over how you would like your recovery journey to look. 

    Personalized Outpatient Experience

    Addiction is a highly personal experience. The recovery experience must be individualized to each person’s journey. At Diamond House Detox, we take the time to get to know our clients. If you choose one of our outpatient programs, we will still provide the same level of personalized care as our residential services.

    Each aspect of your treatment program will be tailored to your needs, including individual and group therapy sessions, medication management and relapse prevention strategies. 

    Lower Cost

    Outpatient therapy is generally less expensive than inpatient therapy services because treatments are less involved, and you will not be staying in our facility overnight. Many insurance providers are also more willing to pay for outpatient addiction therapy services which further lowers the cost.

    Option for Adolescents

    Adolescents are often more susceptible to drugs and alcohol. Outpatient services allow adolescents to continue living at home throughout their recovery to help maintain a regular school schedule.

    Maintain Your Job and Family Responsibilities

    At Diamond House Detox, we offer morning, evening and off-hours services for our intensive outpatient treatment plan so clients can work and care for their family responsibilities while receiving treatment. This option is especially beneficial for caregivers and parents who do not have the means to miss paychecks or hire a caregiver while in a residential program.

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    Office Manager

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    William Tiemeyer, CADC

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    Drug & Alcohol Counselor

    Is Outpatient Treatment Right for You?

    Outpatient treatment is an ideal solution for clients experiencing issues with substance abuse that cannot partake in intensive care or want to continue recovery after inpatient services. Receiving outpatient services may be a good option if you:

    • Recently underwent rehabilitation services from drugs and alcohol.
    • Can maintain your sobriety for some time.
    • Have a dual diagnosis of addiction and a mental health disorder such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.
    • Would like to receive the support of an inpatient program while having the flexibility to attend school, work or care for children.
    • Have a stable and sober home environment or a strong support network to avoid temptation in social situations. 

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    At Diamond House Detox, our goal is to help you start and stay on your road to recovery. Our representatives are available around the clock for your convenience. Our outpatient locations in Northern California offer recovery solutions and comprehensive treatment plans.

    If you or a loved one would like to learn more about our Sacramento outpatient addiction treatment services, please fill out our contact form so our counselors and therapists can create a personalized outpatient addiction program to fit your needs. Let us help you achieve a healthy and sober life.

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    The Diamond house in Sacramento, CA has been the best experience! The staff is caring and assertive, the chef (Bobby) is beyond amazing and knowledgeable, and Vicki the founder is someone who cares and loves her patients harder than anyone I’ve ever met……one important thing she shows everyone is TRUST. Diamond House is the one and only place I would ever recommend to better yourself and live a life of sobriety. Thank you!!!!!

    -Katelyn S.

    A group of people talking while sitting around a Fire Pit

    When my husband was admitted to Diamond House and I was very impressed with the atmosphere and caring nature of the staff. The facility takes on a very small number of inpatient residents which makes the facility feel like visiting friends or family vs an institutional feel that most people picture in their head.

    I appreciated the facilities welcoming nature in allowing me to visit once a day and participate in select group activities with my husband. I also enjoyed how forthcoming the staff was with updates on my husband’s progress.

    Without Diamond House’s influence I think the process to sobriety would have been much more challenging as they armed my husband with a lot of tools to help cope with the challenges involved and some much needed direction that we were missing in our prior attempts to sobriety.We are very fortunate to have Diamond house as a resource in the treatment of my husbands detox and the continued path to sobriety


    A group of people playing basketball on a court

    Having been in and out of multiple rehabs. This place is by far the best one I have been to. This is the most individualized program I have been to. There is no way to get lost in the shuffle of a facility with more clients than staff. The staff looks at the clients as people not as dollar signs. The atmosphere is safe and very home-like. The program is multi-layered to promote whole healing from your mind, body and spirit. Thank you so much to the staff for allowing me to grow and be the man I was created to be

    -Blake F.

    Four people having an upbeat conversation on a couch

    Wonderful facility and treatment. I was treated as a real person. Small groups, individual counseling. Time for good self-care, exercise. great food. Very clean facility. Caring staff. I highly recommend this treatment program.

    -Juli H.

    Group of people sharing a meal at a large dining table while talking and laughing

    I have been to many rehabs and Diamond House is by far the best place to go and get well. Each house only has 6 patients so the care is much more individualized. The homes are very upscale with your own private room and bathroom. The chef is top-notch. The owner really cares about helping people and does a great job. They really do care and it shows. The homes are beautiful as are the employees. They care and it shows. The help that they give their patients is worth way more than is charged. They care and it shows.

    -Lorri C.

    Zoomed in image of three people practicing yoga outside

    This was my first time in detox and I am very grateful I got this place. It’s comfortable, clean, beautiful, and inviting. Each one of the staff is awesome! I feel I could go to them for anything, plus they are very personable. I would recommend this place to anyone going through a hard time with drugs/alcohol and who need a place to come to where they can rebuild themselves. Thank you, Vicky!

    -Ariana L.

    Two people in a downward dog pose while practicing yoga on a deck in front of a pool

    Diamond House was the second detox/rehab I have ever been to – sometimes the first time around doesn’t work or is not enough (especially if you’re not ready). I am celebrating two years sober next month and am so grateful to Vicki and everyone at Diamond House. They have followed up and checked in on me and I actually had the opportunity to go and speak as alumni – it was a true gift to be able to share hope. Because there is hope.

    -Mary A.

    A group of people talking and laughing while sitting on couches

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