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FAQs About Rehab

FAQs About Rehab

We know that understanding the ins and outs of rehab can feel overwhelming. At Diamond House Detox, we regularly field questions asking everything from the essentials of how rehab works down to the details of rules during treatment. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for the answers you may be seeking. If you have a question not listed below, just reach out and we will be happy to help.

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Each journey is a little bit different. At Diamond House Detox, we provide various lengths of treatments, depending on your needs. Typically, these range from seven- to 10-day detoxes to 30 days of intensive inpatient recovery treatment.

Rehab cannot technically cure addiction, as it is a chronic disease. Because of the complex way that alcohol and drug addictions change brain structure and function, successfully completing rehab and treatment does not mean a client is cured in the traditional sense. However, rehab does help an addict cleanse their system of substance abuse and equips them with the tools, strategies and support system necessary to recover and stay sober following addiction treatment.

This is particularly true in the case of Diamond House Detox, as we follow a medically-monitored detox strategy using evidence-based treatment options. We are also unique for our treatment of co-occurring disorders, as we target both a client’s drug or alcohol addiction and any underlying mental illnesses triggering their substance abuse. Our dual diagnosis targeting approach has created a therapy system that, while not a cure, is proven to help clients stay in recovery once their rehab is complete.

The question of where to go for rehab is an individual decision that is up to you. Only you know what’s best for your needs and lifestyle. Some clients find that removing themselves from their environment and seeking treatment far away from home is beneficial. They appreciate a clean break from their surroundings.

Other clients prefer to seek treatment locally, as they are already undergoing a brave journey and want to feel a level of familiarity and proximity to their former life. This may make it easier for friends and family to visit if desired.

Of course! We welcome and encourage visits from your loved ones, as we know they will be an important part of your recovery. We allow scheduled visits during set times of the week to offer a sense of structure and give you a time to look forward to.

At Diamond House Detox, we allow our clients to use their computer or cell phone in order to communicate with loved ones and take care of personal business after a blackout period. We expect our clients to be fully engaged in our residential treatment program and attend groups so phone use is expected to be outside of group times and during free time.

If you’re concerned about losing your job while taking some time away for rehab, we encourage you to open up on a conversation with your employer. In many cases, your employer may offer a family medical leave option that will cover you while you focus on your health. We can’t guarantee that your job will still be open for you afterward, so speak to your employer and remember — no matter what, your health needs to come first.

We know that as you recover and abstain from alcohol or drug abuse, giving up smoking cigarettes can be an extra challenge. We allow cigarettes in our facility, during designated times and in specific outdoor locations. If you are interested in getting assistance with giving up a smoking addiction as well as your substance abuse, let us know and we can help offer you help in your journey.

We work with many different private health insurance coverages and will do our best to make the process as easy and straightforward as possible. However, your specific coverage depends on your insurance company and policy details. Contact your insurance company to learn more about what they will cover, and feel free to contact us with any questions regarding your treatment coverage as well. You can learn more about the insurance we accept through our insurance verification form.

Detox is the process of cleansing your body of toxic substances. Detoxing can be an uncomfortable process leading to painful or even dangerous withdrawal symptoms. To provide safe and comfortable detoxes, Diamond House Detox conducts medically-supervised detoxes under the supervision of healthcare professionals.

Rehab is a counseling and education-focused approach to therapy. Where detox cleanses a person physically, addiction rehab focuses on helping individuals mentally and emotionally. It equips clients to understand the root of their addiction and learn healthy prevention and self-care skills.

If you find yourself relapsing after attempting to quit your substance abuse, there are a few important things to remember. First, don’t give up on yourself — just because you have relapsed does not mean you are a failure or beyond help. Instead, take responsibility for your actions and don’t allow yourself to ease any shame or guilt with the perceived comfort of more substance use. Seek professional help in the form of a detox or inpatient treatment program.

At Diamond House Detox, we are here to help, whether this is your first time seeking recovery or you need treatment after a relapse.

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Do you have any more alcohol or drug rehab FAQs that aren’t answered here? Simply contact Diamond House Detox to learn more. We are here to help and would love to be a part of your journey towards health and happiness.

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