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    Diamond House was the second detox/rehab I have ever been to – sometimes the first time around doesn’t work or is not enough (especially if you’re not ready). I am celebrating two years sober next month and am so grateful to Vicki and everyone at Diamond House. They have followed up and checked in on me and I actually had the opportunity to go and speak as alumni – it was a true gift to be able to share hope. Because there is hope.

    -Mary A.

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    Everyone is awesome!! 5 Stars! I had a blessed time staying here for my 37-day detox and residential. Thank you so much to the whole staff and chef Bobby and Raven for always cooking the best meals. I’m going to miss Diamond House Sacramento. A+

    -Julie H.

    Young man smiling while other people applaud him during a small group session

    When my husband was admitted to Diamond House and I was very impressed with the atmosphere and caring nature of the staff. The facility takes on a very small number of inpatient residents which makes the facility feel like visiting friends or family vs an institutional feel that most people picture in their head.

    I appreciated the facilities welcoming nature in allowing me to visit once a day and participate in select group activities with my husband. I also enjoyed how forthcoming the staff was with updates on my husband’s progress.

    Without Diamond House’s influence I think the process to sobriety would have been much more challenging as they armed my husband with a lot of tools to help cope with the challenges involved and some much needed direction that we were missing in our prior attempts to sobriety.We are very fortunate to have Diamond house as a resource in the treatment of my husbands detox and the continued path to sobriety


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    Having been in and out of multiple rehabs. This place is by far the best one I have been to. This is the most individualized program I have been to. There is no way to get lost in the shuffle of a facility with more clients than staff. The staff looks at the clients as people not as dollar signs. The atmosphere is safe and very home-like. The program is multi-layered to promote whole healing from your mind, body and spirit. Thank you so much to the staff for allowing me to grow and be the man I was created to be

    -Blake F.

    Four people having an upbeat conversation on a couch

    I am loving my experience at Diamond House. The staff is kind, supportive and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this treatment program for anyone seeking addiction treatment.

    The house is clean and beautiful, the rooms are spacious, the 3 home-cooked meals a day are delicious. Everyone on the staff is amazing. The support you receive from both staff and your peers has been better than any therapy session I’ve been in. This is a safe and therapeutic place to talk about all your feelings and fears. The group sessions include relapse therapy, relaxation therapy, emotional therapy, exercise therapy, art therapy and music therapy. (To name a few) They teach you how to cope with everyday stress and anxiety. I’ve learned a lot and have enjoyed the journey and I am enjoying taking care of me and finding myself again.

    I now BELIEVE that when I am ready to leave (shortly) that I will be completely prepared with the tools I have been provided here to live my life clean and sober. I’m excited about my future!!


    Young man smiling while other people applaud him during a small group session

    Having been to so many other rehabs this place hands down is the best most comfortable I’ve ever been in. The staff are very friendly, very helpful, and very much into supporting me in my recovery. There are addicts here that are counselors that can empathize with any situation A person can come up with. Their treatment plan is 100% effective and 

    I would totally recommend this for anybody that has the ability to come here and detox because it will definitely help you. They also provide you with the opportunity to go to residential after your detox if you so please.

    -Jon P.

    Young man smiling while other people applaud him during a small group session

    Diamond House Detox is a great place to go the employees get to know the clients, they get you stable on meds and it is a really relaxing place to get clean. They got real good food and take you to the gym to get massages. They really take good care of their clients I had a really good experience at Diamond House. I would choose to go back if I relapsed and needed to get myself in a program again.

    -Corey H.

    Young man smiling while other people applaud him during a small group session

    I love Diamond House. I love all of the caring staff. They truly show concern and love to each patient. Everything is well organized and seems to flow easily Day to Day.

    Not only is the staff amazing the house is beautiful and the rooms are comfortable. You get your own room so you can have all of the privacy you need. You can wash your clothes and shower when you want. The chef and food are also wonderful. You will want for nothing other than to focus on yourself. They have reading sessions and counseling. But nothing is forced. It’s just the time you need to get yourself to a clearer state of mind. I’m so grateful for Diamond House.

    -Stephanie M.

    Young man smiling while other people applaud him during a small group session