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About Diamond House

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Welcome to Diamond House

Our aim is to create a warm home-like environment where every individual has the privacy of their own room in addition to comfortable spaces for social interactions and group discussions. We offer an intimate treatment setting with a maximum of 6 guests. We are located in Northern California, in a suburb south of Sacramento. Our home is located in a safe neighborhood in the family oriented community of Elk Grove. Elk Grove’s location provides easy access to two major freeways, the Sacramento International Airport, and rail lines.

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Our services will be held in a comfortable, clean, and safe setting enabling the individual to focus on treatment. Guests will be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by drug and alcohol counselors, those working in the mental health field and licensed medical staff.

Vision & Mission

To provide wellness and recovery for individuals with addiction and mental health struggles through treatment and dual diagnosis, enabling a fuller and more meaningful life free from their challenges.

At Diamond House, our mission is to treat each client like family. We aim to do this by providing an intimate space where people feel welcomed, loved and accepted.


We believe addiction is a brain disease that causes individuals to continue to seek out and use substances despite harmful consequences. We believe addiction is caused by a set of complex circumstances that has come together to affect the individual.

We also believe that mental health issues that remain undiagnosed and untreated contribute to these problems, and often lead to self-medication and substance abuse.

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Note from Founder

I want to personally thank you for taking the time to visit our website and for allowing us the opportunity to support you through the first step in your recovery journey.

Helping individuals improve their lives is more than a career field for me, it’s my passion and I truly believe that I’ve been called to care for and treat those who are suffering from mental illness and substance abuse.

I began my career in nursing well over a decade ago in order to save lives and provide compassionate care for those seeking healing and wellness.   Over the course of the years,  I’ve treated countless individuals in various hospitals and treatment settings across the West Coast and although I absolutely love what I do, I’ve personally observed a growing gap in the level care and individualized treatment that patients receive from their care providers.

I became a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner to better serve this community and I founded Diamond House in order to a fill what I’ve observed as a growing gap in patient care and individualized treatment planning.  My goal is to provide each client with the proper level of focused attention and individualized care that is tailored to your needs.  Treatment should not be a one size fits all approach, as we all have different backgrounds, experiences, conditions and needs.

I personally oversee all aspects of our treatment program and spend quality one-on-one time with every individual that comes through our doors.  We passionately work with our clients to develop treatment plans that map their objectives and the thing that I absolutely love the most about what we do is being able to see the transformations that occur with individuals right before our very eyes, when the appropriate level focus, time and care are provided.

My goal during your stay is to treat you as if you were part of my family. Each client at Diamond House is forever a client. My goal is not to just be here to support you and your family during your stay but also to continue to follow up and follow up and monitor your progress after you discharge. This is only the first step of your journey of greatness. I am truly humbled to part of this process and hope that I can be part of your success.

Vicky Magobet

If you’re ready to begin your recovery process, don’t wait. Contact us today to find out about same day admittance for mental health help or drug and alcohol detox in Northern California. Urgent treatment is available, and it could be the call that saves your life.

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