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Treatment Cost

Cost of Detox & Rehab Treatment

According to a fact sheet put out by the National Drug Control Policy, illicit drug use and excessive alcohol affects the economy. It contributes to lost productivity, health care expenses, and law enforcement costs. We understand that the cost of treatment is a barrier for many who feel they can’t get help.  Studies have shown that there is a correlation between the success of the individual in treatment and the cost of the treatment. Addiction treatment needs to be seen as an investment that will save the individual, not only financially, but also in many other areas such as health, spirituality, and relationships. Research shows that treatment pays for itself in reduced healthcare costs and improved quality of life.

There are many options that can be used to help pay for treatment. Diamond House will accept guests who would like to pay for their treatment upfront. We accept all forms of credit card. We also accept out of network insurance and will work with your insurance company to see if you are covered. The easiest way is to fill out the form below and we will contact you with your coverage options.

Step One: Verify Insurance

What Goes Into the Cost of Rehab?

Are you searching for a warm, caring and qualified environment to help you work through your addiction, stay strong through your detox and make the lasting life changes you’ve been longing for? Addiction is difficult to beat alone, but if you’re looking into rehabilitation centers, you’re already taking the first step toward transforming your life for the better. Here at Diamond House Detox, we offer the personalized care and intimate, supportive environment you need to recover.

When you’re hoping to start the process of recovery, you’re probably wondering whether your insurance will cover your inpatient stay and what will determine your cost of treatment. At Diamond House Detox, every individual and case is unique. Here are a few factors that affect the cost of addiction treatment.

Length of Stay

Depending on the nature and severity of your addiction, the length of your stay at Diamond House can range from a week to as long as a month. When you choose us for your recovery, we’ll work to determine and address your detox needs personally, provide a positive path to wellness and keep you in a safe, holistic environment until you reach your recovery goals.

Because each individual, addiction and path to wellness is different, every client’s stay will vary. Your alcohol or drug rehab cost will be directly related to how long you stay with us at Diamond House.

Detox Phase vs. Long-Term Residential

When you come to Diamond House Detox for your recovery journey, you might be staying for a short-term detox phase of seven to 10 days or a long-term inpatient recovery treatment of up to 30 days. The detox phase focuses on managing acute intoxication instances and withdrawal symptoms, while long-term treatment can include detox, mental illness support, medication management, counseling and much more. Again, each individual’s needs and circumstances are unique, which is why our cost of treatment varies with each patient.

Insurance and Co-Pay

Diamond House Detox is a private, intimate drug and alcohol rehab center where we take in no more than six clients at a time. Our mission is to make a difference by helping each of our clients overcome their addiction, rebuild their lives and reintegrate into their communities. With our structure, guidance, group counseling, medical care and mental health assessments, we’re able to adopt a personal, wholesome approach to each individual’s recovery.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept Medicare or Medi-Cal at this time, but we do accept some insurance policies. The cost of addiction treatment will vary with your individual insurance and co-pay.

Find Addiction Support and Rehabilitation at Diamond House Detox

When you’re considering seeking treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction, remember that the estimated cost of treatment can never compare to the priceless value of getting your life back on track.

Here at Diamond House, we believe in your ability to recover from substance abuse — and we offer a safe, supportive environment for you to rehabilitate. Contact us today to learn more about our detox center and the cost of addiction treatment.

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