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How to Detox From Heroin

How to Detox From Heroin

Heroin is not just the drug of choice for hardened users. The abuse of heroin has increased dramatically among those who are between the ages of 18 and 25. As an opioid, heroin dependence is a compulsive behavior that becomes very hard to control. This is why so many heroin users become addicted to the substance despite its negative consequences to their health and personal life. The first step to breaking free from heroin addiction is detox.

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A professional detox program, like Diamond House Detox, allows those who are dependent on heroin to get the help they need. Not only does it offer medical supervision, but they also ensure you are monitored and supported as the drug works its way out of your body’s system.

How to Detox From Heroin

It’s extremely difficult to break a heroin addiction on your own. The chance of relapse is high, which can lead users to rebound and overdose on the drug. However, a medically supervised detox, like what we supply to our guests, gives you a chance to quit heroin successfully. The reason so many avoid detox is because they’re afraid of painful withdrawal symptoms. But with the 24-hour supervision we provide, we do everything in our power to mitigate these side effects and reduce cravings.

What sets us apart is the individualized approach we take to the detox process. Our small client-to-counselor ratio allows us to give personalized attention and ensures you receive the help you need.

If you’ve never been through detox before, here are a few things to expect:

As soon as you arrive at Diamond House Detox, we perform an evaluation conducted by either a psychiatrist or a psychiatric nurse practitioner. This process gives us the information we need to understand your health and mental status before customizing a detox plan that will suit your specific needs. Some of the things we take into consideration include:

  • Your level of addiction
  • Where you are in the withdrawal process
  • The presence of an underlying mental health condition, also called a co-occurring disorder.

Fortunately, we offer some of the highest quality dual diagnosis treatment services in the Northern California area.

Understanding these factors is crucial in allowing us to create the most successful plan of action.

Once we implement your custom treatment plan, the first step is stabilizing your condition. This means letting the heroin work its way out of your system while you are supervised by our team. Each patient has their own private room so that you can have solitude during the detoxification process. Thankfully, heroin is a short-acting opioid. This means that although withdrawal symptoms tend to arise six to 12 hours after your last dose, they gradually resolve within a week.

We may also recommend some form of group or individual counseling during your time at Diamond House Detox. These sessions allow you to identify problem areas that need to be addressed during your recovery process.

Our team is committed to seeing you walk the road of sobriety for the rest of your life. Although we’re always available to patients who have passed through our facility, we encourage everyone to seek further care following their detox. This could include further residential treatment, outpatient treatment, counseling or some other kind of treatment to address problematic stressors that led to heroin addiction in the first place. These also provide accountability and life-skills, so you’re able to avoid any problems that might lead to a relapse.

Choose Diamond House Detox to Avoid Detoxing Alone

Although detoxing from heroin is not considered a life-threatening process, you should never attempt to do this alone. When you go to a professional detox program, we’re on hand to increase your comfort, but also prevent any complications or health risks that might arise. It’s also been shown that those who go through a professional detox program are less likely to relapse.

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