About Vicky Magobet — Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Vicky Magobet — Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Vicky Magobet is a Board-Certified Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. She founded Diamond House Detox and Recovery to help clients discover the underlying issues behind their substance abuse disorders and mental health battles. By identifying these causes early, she hopes to assist her clients in moving one more step toward recovery.

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Diamond House Detox’s founder received her education from institutions known for their nursing programs. She completed her Bachelor of Science at Northwest University, a school accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE). CCNE only certifies colleges that prepare effective nurses who can contribute to public health. Vicky also obtained a Master of Science as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner at Rush University. At Rush, she had access to resources from a nationally ranked academic hospital.

Vicky began her career in high-intensity settings where her work saved lives. She provided care in the ICUs of two different hospitals and helped patients with a wide range of health problems. The ICU requires technical expertise in critical care that Vicky applied in vital situations. During her time in these positions, she had her first experiences with patients going through substance abuse.

Just a few years into her professional experience, Vicky began her work as an RN at an inpatient psychiatric hospital. It was during her time here that she found her passion for helping people with substance use disorders. Throughout the six years she worked at this facility, she served in various roles and departments. Her positions included house supervisor and nurse manager. She developed in-house training programs and infection control programs for patients and staff.

After receiving her master’s degree from Rush University, Vicky worked in various substance use treatment centers and mental health hospitals in the Sacramento area. She worked in multiple residential and inpatient programs which has gave her the skills and experience needed to service clients at Diamond House.

Vicky noticed that many of her substance abuse clients had underlying mental health problems. She found that pinpointing these conditions made treatment much more successful. Her passion for assisting these clients inspired her to open Diamond House Detox, where she serves as the founder and CEO. As CEO, she applies her experience to hands-on situations with clients. Vicky may lead the Diamond House Detox and Recovery team, but she still joins her colleagues in providing direct care to each and every client that comes to Diamond House.

Vicky takes a personal approach to the services she offers Diamond House Detox clients. She doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all treatment. That’s why Diamond House provides quality care in an individualized and homelike setting. Once you receive treatment at Diamond House, you always remain a client. Even after someone is discharged, Vicky personally checks in with them to help them continue a successful recovery. She ensures that you don’t have to walk the path to success alone even after you finish residential treatment.

For Vicky, helping people improve their lives is so much more than work — it’s her passion. If you have a substance abuse problem or are struggling with mental health, she welcomes you to get support from her and her team at Diamond House.

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