I have worked closely with Vicky Magobet for the past three years in both inpatient and out patient settings…Vicky is highly qualified and competent in diagnosing, prescribing, and monitoring psychotropic medications. She is very knowledgeable and an effective  clinician in working with substance addictions and co-occuring disorders. She is a personable, engaging, caring and compassionate practitioner who applies a whole person approach to working with people. She is a beacon of hope… I highly recommend her services…
Darcy S. Clarke MA, LPCC, LAADC, CTPC

All I can say is Vicky is the absolute best. My husband was going through a very dark and difficult time. Without the amazing help from Vicky I am not sure my husband would be here today. Not only did she work with him daily but she worked with our entire family and our entire medical staff coordinating all medications with all of his doctors for just the right combination that worked.  She not only listened to each of us but checked in regularly with all of us. A life was truly saved by Vicky.


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