The Dining Experience

Meet Chef Christopher Lopez

Chef Christopher Lopez cooks with style and soul. Growing up in a Mexican Family, the Sacramento, Ca native creates boldly flavored deeply satisfying dishes. His unique style of cooking with an ethnic twist and Latin flair has been described as “passionate and soulful”.


Chef Chris has over 25 years’ experience in the restaurant hospitality business. He’s taught diabetic cooking classes for M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston Texas, worked under Chef Hugo Ortega, a five time James Beard award finalist. He has had the honor of cooking for various celebrities while working production catering for film industry. Some of his earliest culinary experiences were from the back kitchen of his grandmother’s home. From that point on he’s been traveling throughout United States to learn about their different regions and styles of cooking.

Chef’s Philosophy

Chef Christopher Lopez believes being healthy isn’t just about the physical aspects like eating better and exercise. It’s about all aspects of your health: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. He follows 3 basic rules to being healthy:


  1. Moderation: use the 80/20 rule, 80% percent of the time. Choose to eat fresh, healthy foods that make you feel strong and vibrant. The other 20% allow yourself to have a treat so you don’t feel deprived, again Moderation being the key.
  2. Listen to what your body is telling you: that simply means, notice how you feel after you eat certain foods. Practice the concept of bio-individuality (everyone’s body is a little bit different), so food and exercise that works for you may not work for someone else.
  3. Remember that your entire life is connected: Your life is a system and each part impacts the other. Practice healthy eating habits, exercise but also include spiritual, mental and emotional health.

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All I can say is Vicky is the absolute best. My husband was going through a very dark and difficult time. Without the amazing help from Vicky I am not sure my husband would be here today. Not only did she work with him daily but she worked with our entire family and our entire medical staff coordinating all medications with all of his doctors for just the right combination that worked.  She not only listened to each of us but checked in regularly with all of us. A life was truly saved by Vicky.

-Nancy S.

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