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Day or night, weekend or holiday, when the time is right- we’re here to help. When you call us, you’ll be connected with a highly trained, experienced, credentialed and compassionate team.

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You will be greeted by our staff and we will stay by your side through the admission process. We will work to insure that we meet your needs and see to it that our program best fits your current life circumstances. This evaluation may include questions about precipitating events; mental health history; substance use and medical history; the family structure and issues, legal history, career and education, your current therapist and education, and contact information.

Our team will closely work with you, and your loved ones, every step of the way to determine the appropriate care and make specific recommendations for you. Our clinical and medical teams are consulted during this time and we will create your individualized treatment plan.

Diamond House Detox is fully equipped to help you or your loved one detox and take the first steps in a life-long recovery journey. At our Elk Grove location, we typically treat clients for 7-10 days during their initial detoxification. In this stage, treatment is focused on developing the right medical protocol to help you safely detox from all substances. As you grow stronger, our Sacramento location takes your recovery journey to the next step with intensive daily therapy, as our compassionate staff works with you to determine the root causes of your addiction and the tools you need to stay sober. Each client is treated as an individual, but we typically treat clients at our Sacramento house for up to 30 days.

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