Building A Healthy Routine After Rehab

Are you feeling overwhelmed or hesitant by the thought of being on your own after your substance abuse treatment? Fear not, as there are some easy steps you can take after your treatment has ended. A healthy routine after you have entered back into your normal life is very important. It is absolutely necessary to help keep you feeling good, and it can help handle any stress caused by creating a new life for yourself. The fight for sobriety doesn’t end after you have left your treatment facility, so here are a few steps to help you create the life you deserve.

  • Don’t rush. Giving yourself time to adjust will help you to stay away from stressors that could trigger you. By giving yourself time, you will be more likely to get into the swing of things again, even if it is taking you longer than you want, you will get there.
  • Create a wellness toolbox. This is like a toolbox full of activities and hobbies that will help you to feel balanced as you create your new life. Make sure that these activities encourage positive emotions. If there are any that you participated in while at your treatment facility, or any that they recommended, feel free to implement those, as they are an easy first step to creating your toolbox. Here are just a few examples of what you can put in your toolbox:
  • Daily routine essentials
  • Taking time for yourself
  • Exercise
  • Keep in touch with your family and friends
  • Daily routine. Your daily routine is very important when it comes to keeping you balanced and feeling healthy. Keep a journal of how you are feeling and any thoughts that you are having. Also keep a journal, if not the same one, of your dreams and goals. Never be afraid to make a sort of to-do list for your day. This can help you feel centered and like you have things to do. Of course, make sure that you are eating enough and taking time out of your day to relax a little.
  • Keep a reminder list. You can use this list as an accomplishment list. By using this, you will be able to see your progress, and you cross out the steps you have completed. This can help to increase your confidence and help to feel normal. Some of these tasks should include your family as you work to introduce your new self to them.
  • Build a support network. Whether you find this network through your family, your support group, or both, they will help you along the way. It can feel lonely entering back into the world after sobriety, but your support group will prove to you that it doesn’t have to be. They will be there to love and support you, and you may even make some lifelong friends through your support group.
  • Get back in control of your financial life. Check out this helpful resource for how to rebuild your finances following rehab.

Building a healthy foundation for yourself is essential to maintaining sobriety. Set yourself up for success from the start!

Content medically reviewed by Vicky Magobet, PMHNP-BC, on March 29th, 2018.

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Vicky is a board certified Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. She began her nursing career in healthcare by working in the intensive care unit, and then an inpatient psychiatric hospital. After realizing the mental health needs of both the patients and the families she served, she became a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Throughout her experience working with clients, she has developed a passion for those with dual diagnoses and specializes in helping individuals recognize the issues driving their substance use. This recognition has been crucial to the individual’s success in treatment. Vicky opened Diamond House Detox so that she can address these issues early on in a therapeutic environment to allow clients to transition to the next level in their recovery.
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