How Addiction Affects Your Finances

Content medically reviewed by Vicky Magobet, PMHNP-BC, on November 26, 2021.

Addiction seeps into almost every aspect of a person's life — including finances. As you fall deeper into addiction, money becomes a bigger problem and a harder one to solve.

What Addiction Costs You

Addiction and financial stress become linked as people continue with cause-and-effect habits. Some may experience one effect before the other, but eventually, they feed each other and make personal life difficult. The following are four examples of how addiction costs you.

Expensive Habits

Regardless of the substance, addiction is expensive. You could spend thousands sustaining an addiction to anything from alcohol to opiates. As your tolerance increases, you will need more of the substance to feel high, thus requiring more money. These costs can add up quickly.

Lost Employment

Your brain is one of the main parts of your body that addiction will affect. Long-term substance use causes behavioral changes that can make you more susceptible to losing your job.

People suffering from addiction may lose their jobs because of bad work habits or being absent altogether. If you're dealing with addiction, it may be challenging to motivate yourself to keep your job or get a new one. The cycle of addiction and the financial stress of unemployment can be difficult to break.

Health Problems

Once addiction takes hold of your body, medical problems are likely to follow. From bacterial infections to liver damage, substance use can be detrimental to your health in many ways. Health problems often require costly treatment, and hospital bills can stick with you for years.

Large amounts of debt can be stressful for people already in low-income situations, which can lead to more substance use in an effort to cope.

Legal Trouble

Many addictive substances are illegal. Getting caught high or in possession of drugs can create an expensive legal situation for someone who is already struggling.

In some cases, addiction will create desperate situations that can lead a person to commit crimes. Between lawyers, bail and settlement fees, legal trouble has a high price.

Explore Treatment Programs From Diamond House Detox

The cost of addiction can be both financial and personal. Detoxification and counseling can reduce the burden of mental, physical and monetary stress caused by addiction.

At Diamond House Detox, we help individuals break the cycle of addiction through dual diagnosis treatment. If you're ready to begin your recovery, you can learn more about our programs or contact us to create a personalized plan.