Private Drug Detox Shares Tips for Telling Family about Your Addiction

Drug and alcohol addictions are conditions that most people work hard to keep secret. If you have a dependency, you are likely doing all you can to hide it from your coworkers, friends, and acquaintances. And, of course, you are probably especially careful about letting your family know what’s going on. As a result, when you finally make the smart decision to enter a private drug detox, it can be hard to share that news.

How to Confide in Loved Ones

The support of your family can make all the difference in beating your addiction. So, while it may be uncomfortable, you have to find a way to open up to them about your condition. Here are some pointers for when you’re ready to have that conversation:

Be open and honest. Providing minimal information or half-truths is unlikely to earn you the trust and support of your family members. Of course, you probably don’t want to share all the details with children, but with others, you should be forthright in talking about your problem and what it will take to address it.

Have modest expectations. It would be great if your family members ran up to you and hugged you when you shared your news. However, it’s possible that their initial reaction will be less than positive. Sadness, anger, and disappointment are common in these situations. Be prepared, and know that those emotions will likely be replaced by optimism over time.

Your news may not be a surprise. It’s not uncommon for family members to say, “Yes, we know” when you share your news. You may have believed that you had them completely fooled, when in fact, they knew more than they let on. Try not to be angry or offended. You’re all openly on the same page now, and that’s helpful.

Remember that the real work is yet to come. You will probably and rightly feel a sense of relief after you confide in your family members. But it’s important to keep in mind that recovery is hard work and that work is just beginning. Don’t let that dose of reality affect your determination to get healthy.

Taking Strength from Their Support
While a private drug detox like Diamond House Detox will provide the counseling, tools, and support you need to get on the right track, in the long term, the love and understanding of your family will be critical. Getting them onboard is a great first step in your journey toward a clean and healthy life. Contact us today at (800) 205-6107 to find out about the services we offer.

Content medically reviewed by Vicky Magobet, PMHNP-BC, on October 10th, 2017.

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner at Diamond House Detox
Vicky is a board certified Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. She began her nursing career in healthcare by working in the intensive care unit, and then an inpatient psychiatric hospital. After realizing the mental health needs of both the patients and the families she served, she became a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Throughout her experience working with clients, she has developed a passion for those with dual diagnoses and specializes in helping individuals recognize the issues driving their substance use. This recognition has been crucial to the individual’s success in treatment. Vicky opened Diamond House Detox so that she can address these issues early on in a therapeutic environment to allow clients to transition to the next level in their recovery.
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