Repairing Relationships in Recovery

An individual seeking recovery benefits greatly from a strong support group. Unfortunately, many lose treasured relationships with their loved ones before beginning their healing process. This guide will take a closer look at how individuals can focus on rebuilding relationships after rehab.

Tips for Rebuilding Relationships After Addiction 

When an individual seeks treatment for their addiction, they have the opportunity to rebuild trust with those who matter most to them. Follow these tips to improve your efforts in repairing your relationships.

Set Realistic Expectations

When you set out to renew relationships with your loved ones, remember that issues may take time to resolve. Be respectful of your family and friends and their need for time and space. As you patiently work with them to rebuild or form a new relationship, celebrate small steps and show how deeply you care for them. Expect that earning their trust back will take time and effort.

Learn Healthy Communication Methods

Repairing broken relationships depends on healthy, direct communication. Make an effort to listen to and respect your loved one while they are speaking. Learn how to defuse tense situations calmly, apologize for your mistakes and ask your family or friends how you can improve and make it up to them. As your loved one feels heard and respected, they will be more likely to renew their relationship with you.

Be Honest and Take Responsibility

Beginning the path to recovery requires turning over a new leaf and starting fresh. Be honest with your loved ones about what you've done, how you feel and what steps you plan to take to create a better future. Owning up to your mistakes will help your family and friends recognize that you are ready to repair relationships.

Show Commitment

Give your loved ones proof that you are ready to change and that you want them next to you along your journey. Actively reach out and invite them into your life. Keep attending meetings, counseling or treatment to show that you are determined to make a positive change in your behavior.

Begin the Path to Recovery at Diamond House Detox

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Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner at Diamond House Detox
Vicky is a board certified Family Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. She began her nursing career in healthcare by working in the intensive care unit, and then an inpatient psychiatric hospital. After realizing the mental health needs of both the patients and the families she served, she became a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner. Throughout her experience working with clients, she has developed a passion for those with dual diagnoses and specializes in helping individuals recognize the issues driving their substance use. This recognition has been crucial to the individual’s success in treatment. Vicky opened Diamond House Detox so that she can address these issues early on in a therapeutic environment to allow clients to transition to the next level in their recovery.
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