The Top 9 Reasons to Consider Methadone Maintenance Treatment

Methadone Maintenance Treatment (MMT) offers people suffering from addiction to harmful opiates like heroin a much healthier alternative and consequently saves lives. If you’re dealing with opiate addiction or know somebody who is, recovery through methadone is something to be considered.

Here are the top 9 reasons why

  1. Methadone has been proven to work

Nothing has a better track record in helping addicts recover from their addiction to heroin and other opiate-based substances that methadone. Methadone helps manage cravings and can completely circumvent uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms which are one of the main concerns addicts have when choosing to enter recovery.

  1. Methadone is 100 % legal

There is no legal risk to using methadone when you’re enrolled in a legitimate treatment program. This draws a stark contrast to the illicit use of other opiate-based drugs whereby using them; you're risking arrest and imprisonment.

  1. Acquiring methadone is safe

The ways that some addicts resort to getting their hands on illicit drugs can put them in unpredictable and dangerous situations. With methadone, however, you can expect consistency in where to get it and the environment is always safe.

  1. Methadone maintenance treatment is affordable

Partaking in a formal methadone treatment program is low-cost in comparison to other drug treatment programs and acquiring drugs on the street. The amount of savings that can be had with methadone in comparison to illicit drug use can be significant and consequently eliminate the risk of needing to turn to illegal activities to fund your addiction.

  1. Methadone maintenance treatment gives you structure

While methadone programs are often seen as inconvenient in that you’ll need to show up at a clinic every day to get it, the structure this provides can be key in helping somebody suffering from the chaos of addiction feel that there is a healthy routine in their life.

  1. Methadone gives you access to services that can be vital to your long-term recovery

The daily contact you’ll have with a healthcare professional while picking up your methadone can increase your awareness of various medical programs and group therapy opportunities that you may have otherwise missed out on.

  1. Your quality of life on methadone is much higher than on other opiates

When prescribed proper doses of methadone, you can expect to be free of withdrawal symptoms, cravings, and other issues associated with drug addiction which will give you the opportunity to concentrate on the things in your life that matter most. You’ll be able to focus on work, school, and get involved again with family activities without distraction.

  1. Methadone is much better for pregnant addicts than other opiates

The process of withdrawal can be very dangerous for pregnant addicts. While most mothers wish to get clean immediately upon realizing they’re expecting, many doctors recommend that it’s better to opt for methadone in that it provides a more stable means of recovery for the fetus.

  1. Methadone decreases your chances of death and disease

When addicted to heroin you risk fatal overdoses, diseases caused by intravenous use and other issues that put you at risk every time you use. Methadone is a safer, quality-controlled substance that eliminates many of the risks involved with addiction and helps ensure continued health and happiness.

While not everybody is a good candidate for methadone, many people struggling with addiction can attain a higher quality of life and an entryway to long-term sobriety by trying a structured methadone maintenance program.

Methadone has a track record of stabilizing out of control addiction and saving lives. If you feel that there’s a possibility you or somebody you know could benefit from this type of treatment, or if you have any additional questions, call the following number to speak to a treatment specialist and start your recovery: (916) 432-5027

Content medically reviewed by Vicky Magobet, PMHNP-BC, on March 29th, 2018.

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