Tips for Talking with a Friend about Addiction from a Private Benzo Detox in Sacramento

As we all know, getting healthy starts with taking that first step. Unfortunately, for some people who are fighting addiction, that can be very difficult to do. In many cases what they need is for a friend to bring the issue out into the open. At our private benzo detox in Sacramento, we point out that while starting that conversation can be a challenge, there are ways to break the ice in a loving, caring manner that is well-received by the listener.

Getting the Ball Rolling

In some cases, being direct and simply saying, “Look, we both know you have a problem,” is the way to go. However, in others it’s important to start the conversation a little more cautiously. In those instances, here are some strategies to keep in mind:

  • Start with a story about another person. Try opening the conversation by talking about the struggles of a mutual acquaintance or even a celebrity who is in the news. “Did you hear about John? He’s acknowledged that he has a drug problem. That has to be hard…”
  • Point out what has changed in your relationship. People who are struggling with addiction can be, understandably, defensive about their behavior. Talking about what’s different in your relationship rather than how they have changed is a good way to point out that you both have much to gain from getting your relationship (and, between the lines, their health) back to where it once was. In effect, you’re saying it’s not their problem but your shared problem.
  • Talk about a positive future. There are good times ahead for you and your friend, even if they are struggling to see them right how. Focusing on that positive future can lead naturally to a conversation about what it will take to get there, which, of course, includes the person beating their addiction.
  • Discuss the resources that are available. A person with an addiction may very quickly tune you out if you dive right into talking about their challenges. Sometimes the best way to start a conversation is to lead with, “I did some research and there’s a great private drug detox here in Sacramento that can help you get back on your feet. I looked into it because it seems like you need help.”

Opening the Door to Dialogue

Talking with a person about their dependency can be uncomfortable. However, after they’ve decided to take action like checking into a private benzo detox in Sacramento, you’ll know that it was worth it. To learn more about how we can help at Diamond House
Detox, please call us at (800) 205-6107.

Content medically reviewed by Vicky Magobet, PMHNP-BC, on September 7th, 2017.