Why Substance Abuse Group Therapy is Worth Trying

What Is Substance Abuse Group Therapy?

Group therapy is when an addiction counselor leads discussions within a group facing similar issues. This safe environment allows those who are addicted to ask questions of each other and themselves. The aim is to arrive at a deeper understanding of their addiction.

For most, addiction isn't something that occurs in a vacuum. Group therapy allows addicts to identify their triggers. This helps with learning how to manage them and move towards healthier coping mechanisms.

What Are the Benefits of Group Therapy?

Group therapy can provide a host of benefits to people who part take in it regularly. Regularity is important because to mine the value out of therapy, one must be consistent and committed to continued participation.

With consistent participation, expect to enjoy the benefits outlined below.

Improved Communication Skills

Effective communication is an important skill. But effectively communicating in regard to addiction can be very difficult.

Often times people struggling with addiction are angry or defensive. This can lead to destructive relationships, animosity in their household and put a barrier between them and the help they need.

With therapy, everybody gets a turn to work through their frustrations. This allowance of time where addicts can speak without fear of interruption or judgment can be extremely powerful. Many working through addiction have bottled up a lot of their fear and anger because they think people won't understand their perspective.

To that end, they're likely correct since it's hard to be empathetic towards someone trapped in the jowls of addiction, particularly if you've never experienced it yourself.

In therapy, participants speak directly to others who understand where they're coming from. People who have walked in their footsteps and may who have insight on how to get over difficult humps.

Even if answers to frustrations are not readily available, the simple act of getting things off one's chest can help move them toward a more peaceful and productive state of mind.


When isolated in addiction, you're only held accountable to yourself. When that's the case, it's easy to cheat. You can bend the reality of your situation to promote continuing your behavior.

In substance abuse group therapy, you're accountable to a group. Being accountable to people who know what you're feeling and know all the temptations to continue destructive behaviors makes it harder to backslide.

Furthermore, the people you're accountable to genuinely care. Because of this, when your group senses that somebody is going to relapse, group members will be proactive in helping their peers through tough times.

Alternatively, if you ever feel that you're struggling to maintain your sobriety, you have a group of people you can call on for help. This healthy support system can be integral to a successful recovery.

Lifelong Companions

Companions to rely on consistently are hard for addicts to find. Even within their own families, people struggling with addiction find more judgment than support.

Substance abuse group therapy is a platform in which people can reach into a person's personal darkness and lift them out of that lonely place. Loneliness perpetuates addiction.

That feeling that nobody cares, nobody understands, and the devaluing of one's life all keep the cycle of substance abuse strong.

Disrupting that loneliness by surrounding somebody with love can promote openness and honestly. That honesty and the trust behind it are all important aspects of getting to the root of an addict's problems and leading them to recovery.

Forming bonds. Finding companionship. Feeling like you are a part of something bigger. These are all things you can expect when exploring substance abuse group therapy.

The Bottom Line

A large percentage of the American population struggles with substance abuse. If you or someone you know are among those people, no matter if your addiction is to alcohol, opioids, cocaine or another destructive substance, you may be struggling to figure out how to get your life back on track.

Substance abuse group therapy is one of the most important components to successfully overcoming addiction. It provides those addicted with a safe and comfortable place to express themselves without judgment.

It also allows them to develop their communication skills, find accountability partners, and forge lifelong relationships.

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